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Historical Consulting

Historic Preservation and Cultural Resource Management


Completed National Register nominations, historic property inventories, historic resource management plans, HABS/HAER documentation, and more. Trained in architectural history.


Interpretive Exhibits and Signs


Served as research consultant on several historical exhibits for Washington State Historical Society, Tacoma Art Museum, and other locations.


Researched and designed text and graphics for several historical signs pertaining to hyrdoelectric development, fish passage facilities, early land and water use, community history, waterfront development, recreation, and other topics. Also assisted with fabrication and installation of signs.


Documentary Films


Researched and drafted scripts for documentary films on Yosemite National Park, Columbia River development, and other topics.


Litigation Support


Provided expert witness testimony on a variety of historical topics, including early salmon passage facilities at hydroelectric projects, water rights, and Native American treaty rights cases. Court cases included natural resource allocation, insurance coverage action, quiet title, water rights adjudication, and more.


Natural Resource and Administrative Histories


Completed many book-length reports for government agencies and private companies on salmon passage facilities, early salmon population distribution and changing habitat conditions, endangered species policy and management, hydroelectric development, and more.


Research of Hazardous Waste Sites


Conducted potentially responsible party research for Superfund sites throughout the western U.S., documenting corporate history, early industries, and land and water use over time.


Oral History


Conducted oral histories for the National Park Service, USDA Forest Service, US Army Corps of Engineers, and private companies. Also drafted guidelines and provided training in interviewing and oral history.




Pictured above and below - Snoqualmie Falls Historic District National Register Nomination.

Pictured below - interpretive signs depicting waterfront history in Olympia, Washington and interpretive signs explaining World War II sites, Kodiak Island.

Lisas signs in Kodiak 1.JPG
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