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Tales from the Trail

Exploring Public Lands
Glacier National Park.JPG

Glacier National Park

Selected Publications:


"50 Years Later: Reflecting on the Significance of Earth Day," National Parks Conservation Association blog, April 22, 2020.


"The Role of Environmental History in the National Parks," guest editor with David Louter - Introduction. The George Wright Forum 28 (2011). See:

"Mt. Rainier and PNQ:  A National Park Centennial Album.”  Pacific Northwest Quarterly (Winter 1998-1999):30-40.

“The Expedition of 1905: 200 Climbers Tackle Mt. Rainier.” Columbia (Fall 1990):32‑36.

National Park Service Projects:

  • Project Manager, History of Endangered Pupfish, Devils Hole, Death Valley NP [contractor: American Society for Environmental History]

  • Project Manager, History of World War II Structures, Hawaiʻi  [contractor: American Society for Environmental History]

  • Project Manager and Principal Investigator, History of Seattle's Role in the Klondike Gold Rush [contractor: Historical Research Associates, Inc.]

  • Project Manager and Principal Investigator, Oral Histories for Manzanar National Historic Site [contractor: Historical Research Associates, Inc.]

Yosemite NP.jpg
Exploring National Parks from the Water
Mt Rainier NP.JPG

Mt. Rainier National Park

National Park Tours:

As executive director of the American Society for Environmental History, I helped organized tours of national parks - some overnight - for many years. These included trips to the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Great Falls, Pt. Reyes, Indiana Dunes, Pullman, Mt. Rainier, Olympic, Ebey's Landing, and Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. While in college, I worked as a tour guide in Yosemite National Park.

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