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Non-Profit Management


When I retired from my position as executive director of the American Society for Environmental History (a scholarly non-profit organization), the ASEH named an award after me to honor my years of service to the profession.

Organizing Annual Conference


As executive director of the American Society for Environmental History, one of my major responsibilities was helping to organize the annual conference, which grew from 350 attendees to more than 700 attendees. Typically, the conference included 100 sessions, 10-12 field trips, several workshops, poster sessions, banquets, and more. Organizing field trips often involved selecting sites, designing tours, locating local guides, arranging transportation, and negotiating vendor contracts. in addition, I have served as the local arrangements chair for three conferences, which provided an understanding from the perspective of a volunteer. Also, I prepared guidelines on conference organizing for the local arrangements and program committees.


Preparing Conference Program


Worked with local arrangements committees and graphic designers in producing more than 10 conference programs, including 70 pages of event listings, session schedules, publishing advertisements, maps, and illustrations. Includes preparation of online programs and apps.


Editing Quarterly E-Newsletter


Responsibilities included production (soliciting articles and formatting text and graphics) and distribution and posting on ASEH's website.


Maintaining Website and Creating Social Media Content

Served as webmaster for ASEH, working with a digital communications committee in developing and posting content on website, Facebook, and Twitter (now X).




Responsibilities included working with committees to establish fundraising goals and to help draft and implement a strategic plan. Also prepared donor database. Completed fundraising course on donor development at the University of Washington.


Grant Writing


Prepared proposals for a variety of projects and programs, including scope of work, task plan, staffing, and budgets. Have received grants from federal agencies and private foundations.


Mobilizing Volunteers


Assisted many committees for various organizations in establishing objectives and in planning and scheduling.


Supervising Research Projects and Workshops


Served as project manager and principal investigator for many research projects and workshops, including obtaining funding from public and private sources. Supervised environmental histories in Hawaiʻi, Death Valley, and Seattle.


Strategic Planning and Coordinating with Non-Profit Boards


Responsibilities included drafting agendas for board meetings and facilitating communication among board members. Assisted in developing strategic plans and annual budgets.


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